Tapping Touch Seminars, Lectures, and Schedule

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Currently, Tapping Touch is taught in various workshops and lectures throughout Japan and other countries.

Tapping Touch Basic Seminar (2 hours)

Learn Tapping Touch together in an enjoyable environment. In addition to regularly scheduled seminars, workshops or seminars can be arranged onsite at organizations or institutions.

Tapping Touch Advance Seminar (6 hours)

For those who want more background for teaching and applying Tapping Touch. Participants learn 1) basics of Tapping Touch, 2) concepts of holistic psychology, 3) Self-Tapping & Care-Tapping, and 4) care-giving and support.

Tapping Touch Instructor Seminar (18 hours)

For those who want to learn Tapping Touch in greater depth and receive certification from IHPE as a Tapping Touch Instructor in order to teach Tapping Touch through seminars and workshops. Participants learn 1) how to teach Tapping Touch, 2) specialized applications, 3) disaster relief & emotional support, and 4) listening & support skills.

Tapping Touch Specialist Seminar (5 hours +)

For those who want to learn the application of Tapping Touch in specific fields such as social work, education, psychology, medicine, nursing, etc. Scheduled on demand. Targeted to specialists and professionals.

Tapping Touch Open Forum

Periodic gathering related to Tapping Touch. Creates a good opportunity for everyone to get together, exchange experiences, and learn together. Currently held in Japan.


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